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#1: Autobiography Autor: hehe23 PošaljiPoslato: Čet Okt 21, 2010 3:53 am
Fourteen years later, when I wrapped my memories of her dream to weigh the past ed hardy shirts when there is a ray of funny really.
June 22, 1990 noon, the little life was born. Perhaps it is because God's sake! I
Surname Li, Li has powerful meaning. Yang has proud meaning.
Kid, my character and my name just the opposite. I not only do not vicious, but shy, ed hardy timid little, each finished speaking, the red face will not help them, like two peach general, also reveals a little dark pink white. Sometimes, people will just drool. I remember one time in class to answer questions, first, I was not nervous. Face has not changed. So I was relieved, gently inhaled the fresh air. Suddenly, relaxed and happy. But did not last long, when I successfully answered the first question, the teacher seemed to me out of the test in general, let me answer the one question. Who knows, This question I will not. I feel very embarrassed. All of a sudden, Xiantao has surfaced. My heart burns like a fire, take off heat, smoke. I'm almost out of breath, heart block of panic. Fortunately, the teacher read out. Told me to sit down quickly, a flash, red means they all disappeared, I touch the heart sinking, hanging in midair, slowly thinking, are timid and shy to blame.
Then I started growing up, from a fat kid, turned into a Young Pioneers. From the moment I put on my red scarf on, I decided to study hard. But I have a little trouble: "love school desertion." No way, this how to do it? Is the case, I began to silence, and every day a worried frown. Class, I have to overcome yourself, not to desert. Unfortunately, but to no avail. So, I do not want to give up, I pressed by the cantilever Cigu method. The hands and feet away, will head a clip folder. As long as aware of their desertion, they pulled it hard clip. Sure enough, the hard work pays off, I finally succeeded, and I am happy. Also very excited. . . . . .
10 years old, for how precious a child is ah! Because there is a big party waiting for us. Mei Mei year I enjoyed a lot. Day, grandmother bought a bike to me. The car is my hand-picked. Overall tone of the blue, I like blue because it symbolizes peace and friendship.
Of course not only this, my aunt gave me a beautiful dress to buy a few. Some with lace, and some for the lapel-shaped, and some covered with decorative, in short, beautiful and refined. Mom even made a watch. . . . . . On my birthday, fireworks broadened into a smiling face to greet me.
This year I entered a junior high threshold. They warm arms stretch to me, I succumbed to temptation, came in, which, although colorful, but also very difficult times may still did not want to get away with, but unfortunately the discount I chose to accept, in fact, not difficult to accept. As long as I tried. Intentions to experience!
Alas! Past when you say nothing! ! ! ! !

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