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East Han Yue kiln glaze aroma, it vivid, simple and natural, without a tray. The aroma consists of two parts up and down, you can freely open the upper part of the three layers of Hanbaoyu lotus petal pattern, each row of eleven flowers, abstracted into a triangular shape, each petal engraved with the size of not Such as stems, very clear. Covered with a beautiful birdie, slim, overlooking the distance, the lower part of the cylindrical hollow pillars. Jin Yue kiln glazed stove, with the traditional censer is very close, but also the three pillars, but there is a sleek style handle, there are spinning workers above, exquisite workmanship, people have unlimited reverie. Northern and Southern Dynasties Hongzhou kiln incense, glazed yellowish green, five feet, stout strong, firmly stand on the tray intact.
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Talking about the Tang Dynasty, will naturally think of the popular Tang Sancai. Tang Sanxiang censer is relatively rare, exposed tire is pink, yellow-green-brown painted combination, the natural flow of glaze, five-legged tiger foot, appears steady and vigorous. Suddenly wondering in his hand: When a nation enters a highly mature stage in the most viable vitality, full of vigor and vitality and a high degree of confidence, it is urgent to find a form to express, to sustenance, to vent, to publicize Their own high or even excited spirit and emotions, Tang Sancai just right to reflect the courage! Emperor Song of the Song Dynasty aristocratic high cultural attainments, like retro, pay attention to the old etiquette. Three-legged style incense burner is the product of the Northern Song Dynasty, due to the pre-Qin period bronze, jade and pottery unearthed a large number of Yuanyou seven years (AD 1092), the court full-time cultural relics administrator Lv Dailin compilation of "archeology" 210 pieces, 13 pieces of jade. Since then, the combination of cultural relics appraisal and academic research, which was not done before the Song Dynasty, opened the way for the study of later cultural relics and laid the foundation for the complete imitation of pre-Qin dynasty porcelain by porcelain.
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Incense burner appears in the imperial court of the Song Dynasty, while some small incense burner has become a plaything for the literati, with a high artistic appreciation of value for future generations to imitate. Song Yaozhou kiln incense burner, which is subject to the influence of the more developed kilns, stove lips wider, glazed green and natural, "clever as Fan Jin, fine than cut jade" in the world. South Song Longquan study plum green incense burner, delicate and elegant, the three pillars, the furnace has three lines, feet brown.
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