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Desulphurization generally refers to the process of desulphurization of flue gas, which is the process of removing sulfur and compounds from the flue gas, mainly SO and SO2 in the smoke.Protective Atmosphere Furnace Used for Material Tempering in China

The most commonly used method is gypsum flue gas desulphurization, which is the most widely used desulfurization technology in the world. The limestone is crushed and powdered by grinding machine, and then it is made into slurry desulfurization. Another is to make the limestone powder from the milling machine to remove the lime milk, and then spray flue gas desulfurization.
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We know that the desulfurization limestone powder will determine the final effect, so adopting what kind of power plant desulfurization mill is the key, in the operation of the desulfurization limestone crushing, milling machine, there are a lot of on the market, if not clearly define, will affect the subsequent desulfurization work.
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