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The environmental protection of metal crushers has always been a matter for the country on an important agenda. Under the influence of the national policies on environmental protection, many enterprises have been challenged with unprecedented opportunities. Some polluting enterprises directly shut down and are in a state of shutdown. To meet the national environmental protection track, Star Machinery through the optimization of all aspects of machinery to achieve a pollution-free, low noise environmental requirements. Pollution-free conditions.vacuum furnaces
Automatic metal crusher equipment with automatic feeding and automatic iron and aluminum separation device automatic cans smashing equipment. Is a waste recycling market dedicated smash scrap cans professional smashing equipment. According to the different requirements of customers, we conduct follow-up investigation and refer to foreign advanced technology to avoid weaknesses and make great improvements. The equipment developed for this project is extremely smooth and reliable.vacuum furnace
In the high-speed high-torque motor drive, the crushing material in the crushing chamber can be fully and effectively crushing, crushing the material to be crushed to the specifications broken crushed material through the air swing sorting system, and the entire system equipped with dust removal device , The dust pollution hazards generated in the production process to a minimum. Loading, unloading conveyor belt are installed automatically.High graphite ano e plate For Sintering furnaces Applications

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