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Copper incense burner is made of copper incense. Copper incense burners although the same texture but different generations of skilled craftsmen made them made into a variety of forms. There are many uses of copper incense burner, incense burner ﹑ ﹑ copper or furnishings bronze incense burner, or respect for Buddha copper incense burner.
Introduction of copper incense burner

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Copper incense burner is full of spices burning incense, China has cast in the Han Dynasty copper smoked furnace, commonly known as "Boshan furnace." Boshan stove similar to the Warring States Period bronze beans, the furnace was hemispherical, there are hollow Yamagata lid, disc-shaped base, in the cylinder and the furnace phase. Later, some duck-shaped copper smoked stoves were used for casting. The Sui and Tang dynasties prevailed a shape of a yurt Mongolian smoked stove, the smoked stove body was disc-shaped, there are hollow Yamagata lid, the shape of a similar yurts, there are animal foot.

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The Song Dynasty advocated antiquities in the Huizong period, popular imitation of ancient handicrafts, incense containers used are modeled on the ancient bronze style, the aristocracy during the Shang and Zhou dynasties such as Ding and other bronze ritual modeled on the popular three-legged and ring foot copper incense burner. In the middle of the bronze incense burner outsole in the Song Dynasty engraved with inscriptions, such as "children and grandchildren always Yong", "on the treasure" to show precious.

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