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#1: affecting the appearance and use Autor: wangyueyueLokacija: shanghai PošaljiPoslato: Pon Maj 15, 2017 3:43 am
the most prone to the phenomenon of drum package. Industry practitioners Liu introduced the phenomenon of drums on the drum phenomenon, divided into the edge of the package, the table drum package two cases, some single package appears in the middle of the two flooring, and some is the existence of multiple bags in the middle of the two,best varnish for composite plastic floor
and some even Into one, in the room showing irregular distribution, affecting the appearance and use. [Analysis] The main cause of the drum package is to install. Strengthen the floor before the installation of the floor, because the ground is not clean, the ground there are some small sand or the ground is too rough,cheap wpc floor
the floor after installation, in the user's trampling process, moisture and the back of the floor of the balance layer was damaged, Into the floor drum package. In addition, the installation of moisture-proof measures to deal with improper or improper use of the owners will lead to drums. In the more humid ground,curved vs straight handrail cost

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