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Shoe Adhesive joyachem has accomplished adaptable properties, can acclimate to altered thermal amplification accessory of the substrate bonding, it is formed amid the substrate with a bendable - harder alteration layer, not alone able adhesion, but aswell has accomplished buffer, Earthquake function. Polyurethane adhesives accept low temperature and ultra low temperature backdrop over all added types of adhesives.

On the assumption of polyurethane glue, you alone charge to apperceive that no bulk what affectionate of polyurethane adhesive, are the arrangement of isocyanate groups and the arrangement or the arrangement alfresco the alive hydrogen absolute substances react, the accumulation of polyurethane groups or polyurea, so that the arrangement abundantly enhance the backbone and accomplish the purpose of bonding.

Most polyurethane adhesives do not anon accept a top band backbone if bonded, but aswell charge to be cured. The alleged abating refers to the aqueous adhering into a solid process, the abating action aswell includes post-aging, that is, afterwards the antecedent abating of the acknowledging groups in the acknowledgment or added crystallization, to access the final abating strength. For polyurethane adhesives, the abating action is to accomplish the acknowledgment of the NCO accumulation in the adhering completely, or the bread-and-butter is absolutely evaporated, the atomic alternation of the polyurethane chain, the adhering and the substrate to aftermath a top abundant adherence process.

PUR adhering (also accepted as polyurethane PUR hot cook adhesive) is to acclimate to a array of altered weight of the press paper, bogus blur adorn and ink and added abstracts and design, is a adamant and bendable low temperature hot cook adhesive. Its capital basic is alive polyols (polyesters, polyethers, etc.) with alive hydrogen, low atomic weight diols (chain extenders) and isocyanate accession polymers. Isocyanate groups appointment damp in the air will aftermath irreversible argument acknowledgment to anatomy a solid adhering band This is the inherent characteristics of PUR glue.

Adhesive Agent does not accommodate any amoebic solvents, solid agreeable of 100%, green. It has accomplished calefaction resistance, baptize resistance, actinic resistance, backbone and so on. At the aforementioned time with accomplished antecedent strength, but aswell has a cross-linking abating function, so that the final band backbone higher.

-> Popularna beletristika i blockbusteri

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