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#1: Element and try hard to nba18mt Autor: rsgolecuicui PošaljiPoslato: Sre Feb 22, 2017 8:21 am
Fingler Mingle, TwisTouch, and Funky Fingers to NBA 2K18 MT name a few, but most focus solely on the puzzle element and try hard to replicate a board game on an interactive device.Our vision was different. We wanted to make a socially intimate game. One that would challenge not only your puzzle skills, but also the relation between you and the other person. Around that idea, we built a complete unified experience with matching visual and auditory style.We stayed away from making Fingle a four-player game, because we noticed during prototyping that it was a lot less awkward and intimate. The iPad often couldn't handle four people pressing on the screen too hard, [and the] letting go of Cheap NBA 2K17 MT all the touches.Can you talk about the new opportunities you think the iPad provides as a co-op gaming device, that maybe haven't or couldn't be realized in previous platforms?Hey look at that! A device that is mainly bought by non-gamers! And it has a screen big enough to have two people sitting next to each other and to play on it simultaneously!What Apple's iPad (and iOS) offer more than any other multi-touch device, for single-player games and www.nba18mt.com/

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