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(Birds!), which won a bunch of Dutch prizes, but we both still feel complete novices when it comes to FIFA 18 Points experience in creating commercial titles.What development tools did you use?In terms of software we mainly used Xcode and Photoshop. The game itself runs on our in-house developed engine. That engine is still tiny but already flexible and robust.We built our early prototypes in Unity3D and used the Ogmo level editor later on to build the rough layouts of the levels. Supportive software like Versions for subversion control and Google Docs for the todo-lists helped a lot too.How long did your team work on the game?We had been working on the Buy FIFA 17 Coins game for eight months from idea to App Store submission. Fingle started as Adriaan's graduation project, and he had to write a paper alongside it.The game did not enter production until after four months of prototyping different features and styles. Those eight months do not include all the hours Bojan put in our cross-platform game engine.How did you come up with the concept for Fingle, and getting players to mash their fingers against each other?That big multi-touch table game we made, called The Jelly Reef, invited multiple people to play at once. Adriaan noticed that when people accidentally touched each others hands, they quickly pulled their them away in awkwardness.It was something he wanted to make a game out of -- that's where it started. The first prototype was quite convincing and Bojan agreed to make a full-featured game out of it.Have you played or seen Q Entertainment's Q?pid? It's a little similar; I wonder what you think of that game?We remember coming across Q?pid when we were thinking of names for the u2fifa game. The mechanics are somewhat similar, and there are a few more games that go into that direction: Fingertips

-> Antička dramska književnost

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