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If Zipper Interactives SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs debuted Online Game Shop aback in 2003, it became one of the aboriginal PlayStation 2 amateur to affection online gameplay. Seven years and several sequels later, the studios latest project, MAG (Massive Activity Game), is acquisitive to affect ballista admirers already afresh by acknowledging up to a amazing 256 players per match. If we got a adventitious to play MAGs bankrupt beta, it was bound to 128 players per map, but this time around, we got a adventitious to participate in all-encompassing 256-player bloodbaths as allotment of a UK accident organised by Sony Europe for media, bloggers, and association members. The logistical calibration of the accident was impressive; however, the absolute benefaction was accepting able to see how the adventurous would handle the accent of 256 accompanying players. If youre new to MAG, heres what you charge to know: Its a multiplayer-only ballista absolute to the PlayStation 3 and set in the abreast approaching breadth three clandestine aggressive contractors are angry anniversary other. MAG has three audible teams to accept from: the gung-ho, US-based Valor; the high-tech, European-themed Raven; and the guerrilla-like Eastern Bloc SVER (Seryi Volk Controlling Response). There are 5 bout types, including two training modes, a control-the-point admission alleged Sabotage, a capture-the-vehicle (flag) admission alleged Acquisition, and a Ascendancy admission breadth teams yield it in about-face to advance or avert an oil refinery. Anniversary aggregation has one map per bout blazon with 15 maps in total.

-> SF, EF, F & H književnost

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