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Cheap Fashion Apparel been to do things in a
ly heard a woman's scream, then that is a roar: "! Stop thief, they stole my wallet and cell phone." And then a woman chasing a thief, thief frantically ran forward, disregard front of people, do not have to see, it is so directly at the man from the middle of Chen Guan Yu and Ling Maimai's. The crowd began to mess around up, naturally, the two have not had time to pull up the hand, and it was broken up. "Barley." Guan Yu Chen directly called up. "I'm here." Ling Maimai shall forward quickly. The next second, Guan Yu Chen has broken through the crowd in front of Ling Maimai, this time he firmly put Ling Maimai care in front of their own, for fear of again before the acciden.Russian-American Shield Flag T-Shirts t. But his face was already more than a hint of chill of the air.The present situation, seemingly accidental, and yet is full of inexplicable coincidence. Guan Yu Chen Ling Maimai side patrol, while doing a micro invisible position in the vicinity of the shadow immediately got command, quickly followed with the chaos of the crowd to make sure everything is safe. Three minutes later, Guan Yu Chen's cell phone rang, he pressed the answer key, Bluetooth headset came within the shadow of the sound. "Chen few, that is a surprise. Peo.Cessna Vintage Logo Tank Tops ple have been stealing in front of police control." Guan Yu Chen did not say anything, and quietly hung up the phone. But his heart did not let up, but the posture into a holding Ling Maimai hand, then calmly walked toward the subway station. "Barley, I bought a car, so convenient to go out later." Guan Yu Chen suddenly began talking. "Ah, I think this is just fine ah!" Ling Maimai shocked, the truthful about her own thoughts. "I bear you too hard, not to mention the burden of this car, I can accept." Guan Yu Chen said, very high-handed, do not.19 auto racing number T-Shirts give any chance Ling Maimai rejected. Ling Maimai did not say what, in her view, this simple idea to the. Men are like cars, natural, Guan Yu Chen had the idea of buying a car is not a strange thing. Moreover, Guan Yu Chen has always been to do things in a measured, definitely n
atural prodded. "Hello again" The man inexplicably, the memories seem to mind who Lingmai Mai in the end Yes. Ling Maimai seeing, you know that in front of people do not remember her awkward touch his head, saying:. "Two weeks of rain in the evening, you gave.Warren Sanders 2016 T-Shirts me an umbrella, and then you left." "Is that you" A man's voice still seems concise. "Hey. What a coincidence." Ling Maimai relieved, the other to recognize himself, "My name is Ling Maimai, a convenience to me your phone number Umbrella and tomorrow I give you the money together." "Cold." Glanced at Ling Maimai only cold, faint opening to say his name. "Uh ......" Really cold, Ling Maimai hearts Fufei sentence. "Do not need." Refused Ling Maimai cold the next second. "Uh ......" This atmosphere colder. Ling Maimai thought, that she was to. Fashion T-Shirts www.artsshirt.com go or not go That little face was written a variety of hesitation and struggle. The cold Happens spoke at this time. "How I see you, you are so stumbled" He asked a touch of cold. "Uh ......" Holy crap, this topic of how suddenly reverting her up. How she knew why she had been so bad when he met this man somehow. "Rain is not an umbrella Go out without a wallet The next time will not put himself lost" Cold cold voice seemed to bring a hint of banter. "Uh……" "To my money and umbrella" Chuckled the cold sound, continue to ask the. "Well." Qing Ke Ling Maimai sound, answered a God. "Yes, I eat it." Said the cold is also very straightforward. "Ah" This time Ling Maimai dumbfounded, really do not know how the next. The next second, her cell phone was so cold take away from the hands, then quickly press a few numbers, then re-broadcast directly back into the hands of Ling Maimai, this action at one go, a little pause at all. Then he glanced at Ling Maimai as directly with the coffee and went out, did not care about Lingmai Mai. "Bewildered ......" Ling Maimai under conclusions. But the cold is kept up her phone. After all, Ling Maimai most people do not like is owed something, especially something stranger. Then she wa

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