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Cheap Fashion Apparel Chen went on:
ly heard a woman's scream, then that is a roar: "! Stop thief, they stole my wallet and cell phone." And then a woman chasing a thief, thief frantically ran forward, disregard front of people, do not have to see, it is so directly at the man from the middle of Chen Guan Yu and Ling Maimai's. The crowd began to mess around up, naturally, the two have not had time to pull up the hand, and it was broken up. "Barley." Guan Yu Chen directly called up. "I'm here." Ling Maimai shall forward quickly. The next second, Guan Yu Chen has broken through the crowd in front of Ling Maimai, this time he firmly put Ling Maimai care in front of their own, for fear of again before the accident..Russian-American Shield Flag T-Shirts . But his face was already more than a hint of chill of the air.The present situation, seemingly accidental, and yet is full of inexplicable coincidence. Guan Yu Chen Ling Maimai side patrol, while doing a micro invisible position in the vicinity of the shadow immediately got command, quickly followed with the chaos of the crowd to make sure everything is safe. Three minutes later, Guan Yu Chen's cell phone rang, he pressed the answer key, Bluetooth headset came within the shadow of the sound. "Chen few, that is a surprise. Peop.Cessna Vintage Logo Tank Tops le have been stealing in front of police control." Guan Yu Chen did not say anything, and quietly hung up the phone. But his heart did not let up, but the posture into a holding Ling Maimai hand, then calmly walked toward the subway station. "Barley, I bought a car, so convenient to go out later." Guan Yu Chen suddenly began talking. "Ah, I think this is just fine ah!" Ling Maimai shocked, the truthful about her own thoughts. "I bear you too hard, not to mention the burden of this car, I can accept." Guan Yu Chen said, very high-handed, do not g.19 auto racing number T-Shirts ve any chance Ling Maimai rejected. Ling Maimai did not say what, in her view, this simple idea to the. Men are like cars, natural, Guan Yu Chen had the idea of buying a car is not a strange thing. Moreover, Guan Yu Chen has always been to do things in a measured, definitely n
en said, very confident, "the password is your birthday. Well" Ling Maimai seems somewhat hesitant, Guan Yu Chen went on: " Kitten, now we not only go to the person cohabiting relationship, but the relationship between husband and wife, husband and wife to spend m.Warren Sanders 2016 T-Shirts oney right and proper, okay." "Well." This Lingmai Mai nodded, then did not say anything. That the card is turned into a royal Chen Ling Maimai hands. Then he stood up, packed up the mess on the desktop. Ling Maimai so holding the card, looked at home in front of their busy man, that mouth smile sweet, warm the heart. "Chen Ah, good to have you." Ling Maimai feeling. "So, no matter what time do not give up that easily, understand" Guan Yu Chen stopped under must've. "Well." Ling Maimai nodded. "Well, you see your material right. I continue t. Fashion T-Shirts www.artsshirt.com to pick up." Guan Yu Chen ended the first dialogue. Then, Ling Maimai again on the couch, ready to audition a few days of material, and the Commissioner Chen Yu in the other side is constantly beating phone that occasionally furrowed brow, occasionally stretch. Small apartment, this time to maintain a unique calm, except for pounding the keyboard, and the occasional chatter, no other. Guan Yu Chen Qiaoxia last line command, and then looked up the time, but saw Ling Maimai had fallen asleep on the sofa. He glanced at the time, even after twelve. This allows Chen Guan Yu slightly up some dissatisfaction, which is their grievances, did not find Ling Maimai sleep thing. He also understands that the kitten to be able to accompany him, would have been on the couch, do not say anything to disturb, but quiet companionship. Perhaps Comin say tomorrow to travel time, and even in sleepy kitten curled up when it so. Guan Yu Chen big hand gently stroked Ling Maimai cheeks, and then reach out to Ling Maimai vacated hold up down the middle. Ling Maimai just whisper it, then turned a comfortable way to sleep down. He laughed, carefully put Lingmai Mai on the big bed, carefully tuck adjust the temperature in the room is good, then w

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-> Antička i srednjevekovna književnost

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